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Author Guidelines

To print are taken the articles which are written in Ukrainian, Russian or English languages, previously unpublished and not submitted for publication in other journals (including electronic). For journal “Manager” text added in English, certified competent person.

Full authors data: your full name (no initials or shorten forms. Please, start with the first name, not last (family) name); your academic title and other honorary titles; exact place of work (current one. Please, start with the department name, then Faculty, then full university name, city and country. Avoid acronyms); key research interests; office and home address (the first is published, the second one is used for mailing purposes only and is not disclosed to third parties). If your PhD specialization can be expressed in 1-3 words (e.g. PhD (Economics) or PhD (Business Intelligence) – please, include this information as well.

Article title – no longer than 10 words.

Summary – 3-5 laconic sentences, concentrating mostly on your own contribution to the research on the issue in Ukrainian, Russian and English language.

Keywords: 3-6 positions by which your text can be later found in various search engines in Ukrainian, Russian and English language. Please, avoid common notions like “method”, “development”, “economics” etc.

Maximum size of the text: 34-36 thousand printing characters, spaces including. Minimum size: 8-9 thousand printing characters. The average and the most preferable size is in between 20-28 thousand.

The suggested structure of an academic article in our case include the following blocs:

  • Introduction,
  • Literature Review,
  • Problem Statement and Research Objective,
  • Key Results,
  • Conclusions and Directions for further investigation.

The article should comply with the decision of the Presidium of HAC of Ukraine “On increasing requirements for professional publications referred to the HAC list of Ukraine “dated 15.01.2003. № 7-05 / 1 (Bulletin of HAC Ukraine. – 2003. – № 1. – P. 2).

However, in many cases, depending on a topic chosen, additional blocs are also allowed, for example, methodology description, hypotheses statement etc.

Standard referencing within the text: for single author (Stiglitz, 2011), for several authors (Stiglitz et al., 2013), for official documents and file without exact authors (The Law on Higher Education…, 1990). In exceptional cases direct links to Internet pages are allowed (if those are not too long). Please, avoid footnotes.

All tables and all graphical materials must be numbered and titled, having an exact indication of the authorship (either author’s own – or the reference).

All mathematical formulas – in Microsoft Equation 3.0 only (also available in docx). No Mathtype. All formulas must be numbered.

All graphical material must be of high resolution. Please, note that the journal is black-and-white in print, so all colors will be different shades of grey only. For all charts, figures, tables etc. we would need direct access to fonts change. Scanned graphics is allowed in exceptional cases, mostly for maps only.
Fonts, margin etc. – your choice. During page positioning this will be redone in our own style anyways.

Text should be printed on one side of a sheet of A4 using text editor Microsoft Word: font – Times New Roman, font size – 14 pt, line spacing – 1,5. Use symbol (-) for word wrapping prohibited. If necessary, use a soft character transfer (Alt-0172). The banks of the sheet on all sides are of 2.5 cm. Indent the first line of each paragraph is not “spaces” and automatically using the menu Microsoft Word (Format -Indent – Indent: 1.25 cm). List References given in one list no less than 10 sources in the end of manuscript and composed in turn for references in the text (not alphabetically) in the original language. Reference to the source is given in brackets of specifying specific page (see. Bulletin of HAC Ukraine. – 2009. – № 5. – P. 26-30.).

To the article granted an internal review with the signature of the reviewer (Ph.D., if the author does not have the degree of Doctor) and signet for graduate students and Obligatory presentation of candidates reviews of scientific leader. Information about authors (granted the manuscript on a separate sheet) containing:

– Surname, name and patronymic of all authors completely (Ukrainian, Russian, English);

– The full name of the organization – the place of each author in the nominative case, country,

– City (Ukrainian, Russian, English). If all authors are in one institution can not specify the place of each author separately degree, academic rank, position (fully) (Ukrainian, Russian, English);

– E-mail for each author separately

– Postal address and phone contacts of the authors (one can for all);

– The article title, summary (Ukrainian, Russian, English);

– After each summary keywords to the article Ukrainian, Russian and English.

All connected files (article, information about authors) submitted in electronic media or email.

Article may be changed without the consent of author.

If article is not complying the requirements it will not be accepted for publication.

The final decision on inclusion of an article in a collection adopts the editorial board.

The cost of one page for publication in the journal “Manager” – 60 UAH. (Sending a printed copy carried the author).

A copy of the payment order sent after the adoption of article to print!

Editorial address: Donetsk State University of Management (DonDUU), st. Karpinskogo, 58, k.107, Mariupol, Ukraine, 87513.

Phone: (098) 817 84 07;

e-mail: redaction_dsum@ukr.net

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses given by users on the site of this journal will be used solely to perform the internal technical tasks of this journal; they will not be distributed or transmitted to outsiders.