Keywords: legal regulation; socio-economic relations; construction; control; monitoring; designer’s supervision; construction supervision.


In the context of Ukrainian state democratic development, the existence of an efficient legislative field regulating a complex of social relations in construction does not guarantee the effective regulation of these social relations. The article substantiates that one of the most important trends in the development of a state regulation mechanism of the economy and, in particular, the construction industry, is reducing the role of administrative functions and, consequently, strengthening the role of state control and the introduction of monitoring, as well as improving monitoring approaches focused on the application of highly efficient systems of a timely response to changes. Any legal regulations should have effective mechanisms to ensure their implementation, otherwise they would be nothing more than a recommendation. It is proved that the simplification of licensing procedures provides for strengthening the responsibility of regulatory authorities, as well as improving the quality and efficiency of construction project inspections. There are rather common cases reported when the destruction of construction projects occurs already at the construction stage. According to the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine (hereinafter-DABI) there is a risk of gross violations of urban legislation already in the process of construction. This indicates a need to redouble attention of the state control bodies in the field of construction to some aspects of activities as to construction projects and building products inspection. It is proved that in today’s conditions it is necessary to increase attention to such aspects of construction as: control over the compliance with the technology and organization of construction production, compliance with design solutions, workmanship, construction and designer’s supervision on sites and so on. An original model of control types in construction was developed based on the following criteria: location in the technological process, inspection cycle and structure, control means, the scope of inspection, inspection features, organizational method.